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PaleoZone and the SARS-Cov2
(Coronavirus / Covid-19)

Dear Friend,

These are confusing times.  This might even be a confusing email.  Yesterday the Bay Area locked things down with a “Shelter in Place” order that directs people that they can leave their homes from 8AM to 8PM to go to the grocery store, the pharmacy or the hospital. It’s hard to believe this is happening.  And it’s happening in more places by the hour.

If you are currently a client and your meals are being delivered to your gym, we will continue delivering meals to your gym until they are closed which could happen at any time.   Thereafter, we will continue delivering your meals to your home, but there will be a small delivery fee of $10/delivery location.  Our normal delivery fee is $15/delivery location per delivery so this fee is discounted for you.  We will refund you the difference.  Please log into your account immediately and update your delivery location.  You can change it back when the gyms come back online. If your gym has already closed, please email me at [email protected] and we’ll get things dialed in for delivery later this week.

If you are a current client and your meals are delivered to your place of work and your offices have been closed, please email me at [email protected]  Then, immediately log into your account and update your meal plan and change your delivery address.

If you are no longer a client, but don’t want to wait in the longs lines at the grocery store, and risk further exposure to the virus, please come back and restart your plan.  As you know, eating healthy is a great way to boost your immune system.  And we only serve healthy, clean and flavorful food.  Please use discount code SkipTheLine to Save 10% during this ordeal as we are all in this together.

Finally, if you have any relatives or friends who you are concerned about their ability to get food, please feel free to forward this message and the 10% off deal will be extended to them as well.  We’d love to help.

We buy our food from commercial vendors so we’re not fighting it out with the public. Our kitchens are clean and we’re taking extra steps to raise these standards even further.

Either way, if you want to have good tasting healthy food, click here…

Stay safe, be smart, eat clean, exercise and get sleep,
Dan Maher
Founder – PaleoZone

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