Freshly Prepared Meal Delivery: Healthy Eating, Made Simple!

Plans start as little as $36/week. Get your code now to save $150 over your first 3 months!

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Healthy & Freshly Prepared Meals Delivered To You

PaleoZone provides you with flavorful, nutritious, and properly portioned freshly prepared meals designed to help you reach your goals.  We offer several meal types including Paleo, Zone, Keto, and Lean meal plans delivered to your home, office or gym. 

You'll regain time spent planning, commuting, shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning...allowing you to focus that time on the things that matter most.

From a few delivered meals per week to all the meals you can eat, plus soups and snacks... All of our PaleoZone prepared meals contain fresh and measured ingredients cooked the same day they are purchased.  Each meal is individually packaged, ready to heat and eat.  Enjoy!

Keto | Lean | PaleoZone | Zone



Balanced Paleo/Zone

The perfect mix of Paleo and Zone
(no starch, no sugar)




For those looking to eat KETO!
(lower carb, no sugar, no starch)



Get Lean!

For those looking to get lean!
(low carb, no sugar, and no starch)




Healthy fuel for your body
(starches added)

Eat healthy, save time and regain your vitality with delicious and nutritious portioned and freshly prepared meals that will help you achieve your weight and performance goals with very little thought or effort...usually for less than you'd spend eating fast food.


Targeted Measured Meals

Never under or over-eat again while getting the proper balance of carbs, proteins, and fats.  Your diet will determine your success and we'll make sure you achieve your goals!

Fresh Menus Updated Weekly

We keep the variety going.  Our professional in-house chef updates our meals weekly and plans them months in advance.  Often seasonal, you'll never get sick of having the same boring meals over and over again.

Weekly Custom Ordering!

Each week you'll have the opportunity to customize your dining experience by selecting which meals you want and how many of each per your program!

Nutritional Guidance

We are here to help you understand exactly what you need nutritionally to achieve your goals.  We will assess your current height, weight and activity level and prescribe the best meal plan for you.

How it works

It's easy!  Simply order, heat and eat!




Getting started is easy!  Just select the meal program that best matches your lifestyle - from 3 meals per day to everything you eat.  If you have questions, you can call us any time at 844-30-PALEO and we'll help you in any way we can!




You will receive your first delivery at a local gym, your home or your office - just a few days after your initial order.  Every meal is ready to heat in microwave safe container.  Just heat and eat! You may also use a conventional oven as well.



Return Cooler

If we are delivering your order to your home or office, we will bring your meals inside or leave them in a cooler if you are unavailable.  We will collect your empty cooler during delivery and leave a new one in its place.

We Deliver to Your Home, Office and Many Southern California Gyms


We offer the highest quality ingredients at a price that won't break the bank

Natural 3-4 Oz Breakfast

$12 / Meal

Natural 5-6 Oz Breakfast

$13 / Meal

Natural 7-8 Oz Breakfast

$15 / Meal

Organic 3-4 Oz Breakfast

$16 / Meal

Organic 5-6 Oz Breakfast

$17 / Meal

Organic 7-8 Oz Breakfast

$19 / Meal

Natural 3-4 Oz Lunch/Dinner

$16 / Meal

Natural 5-6 Oz Lunch/Dinner

$17 / Meal

Natural 7-8 Oz Lunch/Dinner

$19 / Meal

Organic 3-4 Oz Lunch/Dinner

$20 / Meal

Organic 5-6 Oz Lunch/Dinner

$21 / Meal

Organic 7-8 Oz Lunch/Dinner

$23 / Meal

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