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Meal Pricing

Pricing Based on Food Grade and Meal Size

You're about to experience some of the highest quality prepared meals in Southern California.  Our pricing is based on several factors. 

We offer several meal types from Paleo, Zone, Keto, and, Lean Plans.  Each is priced the same.

Breakfasts however cost less to produce than lunches and dinners and are priced accordingly.

Finally, the last two factors are protein weights and food-grade with natural ingredients costing us less to purchase than Certified Organic ingredients. 

For what you are getting, our prices are fair.  In fact, our long term customers have told us that what we're offering is an absolute bargin. 

Natural 3-4 Oz Breakfast

$12 / Meal

Natural 5-6 Oz Breakfast

$13 / Meal

Natural 7-8 Oz Breakfast

$15 / Meal

Organic 3-4 Oz Breakfast

$16 / Meal

Organic 5-6 Oz Breakfast

$17 / Meal

Organic 7-8 Oz Breakfast

$19 / Meal

Natural 3-4 Oz Lunch/Dinner

$16 / Meal

Natural 5-6 Oz Lunch/Dinner

$17 / Meal

Natural 7-8 Oz Lunch/Dinner

$19 / Meal

Organic 3-4 Oz Lunch/Dinner

$20 / Meal

Organic 5-6 Oz Lunch/Dinner

$21 / Meal

Organic 7-8 Oz Lunch/Dinner

$23 / Meal

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