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Food's that I'm allergic to, or don't like.

Some people don't like fish, others don't like broccoli.  And some people will eat just about anything.

We understand that you may either be allergic to certain ingredients or have an aversion to them.  Select the appropriate meal plan below and click continue.  You'll then be able to select items that you or another person may not like from a list.  Then, we'll do our best to highlight meals which contain these items so that you can choose others.

Select Plan: Allergies and Aversions Preferences Change

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No Active Plans Found.

Please click here to create a new one, or return to your My Account page to reactivate an old one.

* This system is currently in beta development.  Not all meals contain full ingredients at this point so this system is only partially functional.  Please check back and update as the ingredients list also changes regularly when new meals are added which contain ingredients that have not been previously used.

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