"Eat Healthy, Reach Weight Goals, Save Hours of Time w/ PaleoZone"


Not getting the results you want? Tired of the yo-yo dieting, or trainers who can’t seem to get the job done? Give us 90 days and we’ll train you to make it happen! The 90 Day Burn combines an intensive training regime and a craveable nutrition plan under the supervision of celebrity fitness trainer and nutritionist Dan Maher. Work out 3 or 5 days a week and eat meals fresh-prepared just for you. PLUS - You’ll have accountability partners to train with and lean on for encouragement. We’ve been working this program for the 3 years and are so confident in our results that we’re offering a money-back guarantee!

When you sign up, you’ll receive customized equipment to jumpstart your success. And, after completing the 90 days you’ll receive a custom pair of Reebok Crossfit training shoes tailored to your personal taste! Give us another 90 days? You will earn custom lifting shoes and knee wraps to support you and your fitness goals. Sign up today to become a member of a team committed to your fitness success!

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